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About MCN

Are you…
…in the military or a family member or friend of someone who is?
…uncertain about your rights in the military?
…unsure of where to go for reliable answers?
…stationed OCONUS?

The Military Counseling Network in Germany responds to questions, provides guidance and helps find legal information for members of the United States military, including Army, Marines, Navy, and Air Force. Soldiers can contact us for information on GI Rights and a variety of discharges from military service.

How can the Military Counseling Network help?
A counselor can discuss the various discharges with you, help you decide if one is good for you, explain procedures, work with you to gather the necessary documents, and support you throughout the process. Whether getting out of the military is what you need, or just knowing your rights, we are here to help.

Who is the Military Counseling Network?
Military Counseling Network is part of a non-military network of organizations that provides free counseling service to soldiers who are questioning going to war or want to know more about military discharges, regulations, and getting out.

Military Counseling Network is available to give presentations and speeches regarding our work with soldiers and issues of war and peace. 

Contact us!
(If you are stationed CONUS, contact the GI Rights Hotline.)

Military Counseling Network e.V.
GI-Rights Hotline
Richard-Wagner-Str. 48
67655 Kaiserslautern
HOTLINE: 0151-56727550

Meet us at:

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The Clearing Barrel GI Coffeehouse opened 2012 in the center of Kaiserslautern, Germany, the centerpiece of U.S. military installations in Europe with the Ramstein Airbase and Landstuhl Medical Center. The Clearing Barrel is open for everyone. It’s a warm and beautiful place to relax and to enjoy a strong fair trade coffee or a tasty Saturday breakfast.
The coffeehouse also provides a safe, alternative space for soldiers, veterans and their families to socialize, learn about their rights in the military, receive counseling, engage one another in political discussions, and organize themselves to resist illegal wars and military occupations.

The Clearing Barrel offers events, movies and concerts.
The current program is avail­able at our website: